The life of Edgar Soldin ...
  ... put into a temporal string consisting of motion pictures, stills, text and sound. Ready now? Then scroll carefully to the right and get to know him better.
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2003,april-HelG and me in an elevator's mirror 2003,april-that's the table mountain 2003,april - neverending story in the bavaria film studios
2002,oct- farewell party in Wernigerode
2002,dec - ANC 51st National Conference ID Card
2002,may - photosession 1 2002,may - photo session 2
2002,may - photosession 3
2001,june - sitting in a hand barrow at a canoutour 2001 - tired and sleeping at ansgars and ellyotts room
2001 - Ellyott and me somewhere in a seminar room 2001,april - futurista frühjahrsevent - looking confused
2001 - futurista frühjahrsevent - putting on the climbing harness
2000 - Morning in the dormitory
1999 - Halloweenparty at Hochschule Harz - Tops(bottom) me, Alex, Martin (left to right) 1999 - Portraits
1998 - During the shot for the 'spaceman' teaser (1) 1998 - During the shot for the 'spaceman' teaser (2) 1998 - At the freestone rocks called Feuerland near Blankenburg (left to right) Alexandro, Tops, Tommy, me (bottom)
1998 - Interviewing a guy on his opinion about the landing of the MIR space station
1998,march - Matze and me in my room
1997 - newspaper feature with picture showing  2 girls and him promoting a new   kids' toy
1996 - Portrait during civilian service
1995 - Schoolmates at the abitur graduation ceremony
1995 - Portrait
1994 - Anja and me in front of the schools office
1994 - Portrait
1998 - Christian(friend and schoolmate) and me on a settee in the schools basement
1993 - Holidays in the czech republic
1993 - Schoolmates photo 11th grade
1992 - Schoolmates photo 10th degree
1991,may - Photostudioshot after Jugendweihe (a non christian initiation ceremony for coming of age)
1991 - Schoolmates photo 9th degree
1990 - Schoolmates photo 8th degree
1989 - In the kids holiday camp near Westerhausen
1989 - During kids holiday camp at the open air bath
1989 - Schoolmates photo 7th grade
1988 - Posing in my new Jungpionier uniform
1987 - Fishing with my dad
1987 - Bathing with the schoolmates on a bicycle trip
1986,february - Our budgie sitting on my head
1986 - Mom talking to me in front of our car
1986,august - Fishing at a lake in Himmelpfort
1985,april - 8th birthday posing with my new teddy bear
1985 -  in front of our trabant p 601
1985,summer - washing hair
1984,august - Flying a kite on Baltic Sea beach
1984,september - Schoolmates photo 2th grade
1983 -  school enrolment
1983 -  school enrolment
1982,october - Mom inspecting my knee
1982,summer - standing on rocks with dad holding me from behind
1981,april - 4th birthday with a new  stuffed dog
1981,may - A swan and me on a beach somewhere
1980,april - 3rd birthday posing in pyjamas
1979,july - Posing for the camera
1978 - Studioshot with the parents
1978 - 1st birthday with a trendy hat on
1977 - Studioshot
1977,october - Showing some tongue
Edgar Soldin
2005, july - polaroid portrait
2005, june - claudia & me on the fort of sangla in the province of himaschal pradesh (india)
2005, jan - portrait
2004 - hannes & me in cologne's blue note club during stingray sound performing (in the mood for a clash) 2004 - hannes & me in cologne's blue note club during stingray sound performing
2004,august-shot myself in HLG's house
2004,april-the cutting hair experience; yeah 2004,april-proud member of the wr skinhead's club posing
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