Studentenrat - student organisation
category: social engagement
duration: approx. 9 semesters, Jan 1998 - April 2002

affiliates: some other students over the years ;)
characteristics:  representing students rights in university bodies, technical maintenance and warding, arranging events
With good experiences during abitur as a member in pupils´ representation I began to work voluntarily in the local student organisation. At first just as a helping hand I found myself somewhat later talking with university personnel on a one to one basis about students´ problems and needs.

In April 1999, I joined the student organisation as an elected member and got re-elected for another two semesters. In 2000, I worked as the representative of the student organisation in the Senate, the most important university body. Later I was elected to represent the students in the students unions management board, which is a governmental institution in germany and responsible for grants, dormitories and other services for students. Since 2001 I am again working voluntarily in the student organisation and overseeing the warding/care of sound equipment and surrounding services.

summary: The time spent in student and university bodies helped at least as much to develop a sense of responsibility and team work as my studies did. To solve problems by bargaining with the fictious opposite front and understanding the different positions is something that I highly value.