bloom media advertising company
category: information technology
duration: approx. 1 semester, Oct 1998 - July 1999

affiliates: Alexander Beneke, Thomas Gebhardt, Martin Lingnau
characteristics: coding(Javascript,Perl), system administration

To finish the basic studies of digital media, an internship lasting at least 16 weeks had to be completed. At the end of 1998 we decided to take a chance and incorporate "bloom media", combining our different talents to form an advertising company that would serve all media. Unfortunately, we had to separate after four months of excellent work owing to personal reasons of two of the members.

My contribution was the assembling of a company network, consisting of 2 PCs and 2 MACs arranged around a linux box that was used as a fileserver and coding for websites.


try: Quiz written entirely in javascript to eliminate delays due to downloads of single pages