plugins for jump: gps, geotools2 readwrite, cts, geomconv
category: coding
duration: some month, Oct 2003

characteristics:  extensions for jump (java unified mapping platform), geotools 2 - java gis mapping toolkit, java gpstools, swixml - java gui generating engine
name features / download
cts extension
  • assignment of coordinate systems / projections on a per layer basis
  • transformation of layers into another cs or projection
  • extendable list of cs's and projection, put more WKTStrings into the 'cs.conf' file in the 'lib/ext' directory
geomconv extension
  • conversion of geometries from/to Point, MultiPoint, LineString, LinearRing, Polgon 
gps extension
  • an interface to a serial gps device (also usb if a serial port is emulated by the driver)
  • tracking of the taskframes viewport (center it on the current location in a customizable interval)
  • add/insert points from current gps coordinate
readwrite extension
  • converter between Geotools2 (GT2) data model and jump 1.1.1 data model
  • implementation of the GT2 data source finding method, to say .. all data source modules (*.jar) in the 'lib/ext/readwrite' folder implementing this method get found and offered in the read/save dialog
  • experimental support for GML2, Shapefile, Oracle, PostGIS and more..
source code and javadocs of the extensions: or read it online