www.servererror.net - the error generator
category: software development
duration: 1 week, Jan 2000

characteristics: Javascript, HTML, humor
Imagine the following scenario. User X is surfing the net and trying to retrieve some files from your server by blindly typing the address directly into the console of the client software.

In the standard case the server would reply to the request with a 404 HTTP error code. A bit boring, don't you think?

However, perhaps the server configured that User X will be redirected to an URL that he didn't expect as a result of that request. That's better, but I don't think server administrators are responsible for other sites hits.

With these thoughts in my slightly intoxicated mind(1), the idea of the ServerError was born.

I invented a new set of HTTP errormessages which are complete nonsense. The set begins with 600. This number is, depending on my knowledge, not used in the official HTTP-errorcodes list. On entering the page the user gets a randomly chosen error and is requested to complete a stupid task to solve the supposed problem. Thats what I call internet humor.

If you like this page feel free to invent new errors and send them to a.new@servererror.net. I will include them as soon as possible and acknowledge you in the source!

(1) As a student i am a confessional customer of the local brewery.As you probably know Wernigerode/Germany is the origin of Hasseröder, a very tasty german beer. (Btw. this is not true anymore. I don't know what they are doing there, but if you open one of these half litre sized bottles the beer smells and tastes stale. Anyway, there are and will be other breweries in germany.)

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