Perl Debug Wrapper Script
category: coding
duration: 1 day, June 2003

characteristics:  Troubleshooting Internal Server Error 500, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Perl Script, Scripting, Debugging, Programming, Error Log File

This is a small perl script originally from Extropia which is now modified to work with both .pl and .cgi files for the case that perl files are not meant to be executed in a CGI environment (eg. mod_perl). The wrapper executes a given script internally and prints out EVERY error to the browser that might occur.

Use it when you move perl applications from server to server as well when scripting or adapting perl scripts. It will save you a lot of headache and time especially when you're not allowed to access the webserver's error logfile.

Read the comments in the script for details on installation and usage.

download: Perl Debug Wrapper Script - app_debug.cgi (text file for download convenience)