category: software setup/configuration
duration: 2 weeks, Nov 2002

characteristics:  Norton Anti Virus (NAV), Symantec Anti Virus, Norton Live Update Administration Utility (LUAdmin), Windows Filesharing, Set Up Windows File Share, Scheduled Tasks

Norton Antivirus is a powerful antivirus solution from Part of its strength is the integration of it in the Symantec Liveupdate(LU), which is usually installed automatically by the standard setup. In fact all Symantec applications install LU or register with LU during their setup, which from then on will check an internet update server for new software patches AND virus definitions for the installed antivirus suite AND installs them unattended.

For corporate environments Symantec went one step further and developed the free Liveupdate Administration Utility (LUAdmin). It regularly downloads needed update packages only one time to a dedicated machine, which then acts as a local update server offering the needed update packages to the workstations.

The 'NAV and LUadmin HOWTO' leads through the whole process necessary to get LUAdmin to work and tries to explain how to circumvent typical problems.

download: Complete 'NAV & LUadmin HOWTO' package -

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