Wolfsjagd [wolf hunt]
category: multimedia authoring/coding
duration: approx. 2 months, Nov - Dec 1999
course: programming interactive multimedia applications
contact: Prof. Dr. Helmut Eirund, eirund@informatik.hs-bremen.de, +49(0)421/5905-3437

affiliates: Claudia Bläß
characteristics: coding, macromedia director, lingo, shockwave, free online game, simple shooter, sound effects galore ;)
The aim of the course was to produce an interactive game using the multimedia authoring tool Director and its scripting language Lingo. The game engine is based on an object-oriented approach resulting in a very clean and structured application.
play it now: wolfsjagd [wolf hunt]
downloads: source - wolfsjagd.dir; binaries - wolfsjagd.exe(win32), wolfsjagd.dcr(shockwave)