systems administration at EISA

category: systems administration
duration: 5 month, 1.Oct 2002 - 28.Feb 2003
part of: internship at EISA

characteristics:  Action Apps, network development, data network maintenance, documentation,
telephone system administration, Samba, DHCPd, Bind9, ntpd, MTA exim

There were two major projects besides desktop support and day to day maintenance:

(1) Evaluation/Improvement - The condition of the IT infrastructure had to be evaluated and suggestions were to be made on improvements. After a while the telephone system was included as it was an integral part of the infrastructure. The following improvements were made.

-documentation and repairs of the data network
-rewiring and rearrangement of the server room
-documentation of the telephone system
-negotiation of free repairs from the telephone system service provider
-set up of a central printer spooler with Point&Print
-set up of a form mailer for the website
-set up of a linux development machine (Debian 3.1) running
   -Samba emulating a NT4 domain controller (testing stage)
   -caching DNS server (Bind9) with a small office zone
   -DHCP daemon (dhcpd3) for mobil clients
   -ntpd and nettime on the workstations
   -Apache with php4, perl5 for intranet webspace
   -dbms postgresql, mysql

-final report with general vision for the IT infrastructure

(2) Action Apps - was planned to be used for website management. A change in staff and insufficient features after a brief evaluation (installation of aapps2.0, set up of test slice, testing) made this project a failure or success;) depends on the point of view.

summary: "Purchasing the wrong software is worse than purchasing nothing at all."