osedo ...just win what you want - website coding
category: website programming
duration: Nov 2004 - Dec 2005

characteristics:  php coding, televote interface implementation, multiple web server setup, concurrent database access, internationalized front end

From the existing legacy application, the task was (and partly still is) to create a secure and scalable application which would allow hundreds of thousands users to register and buy odds at the same time. The site is based on a unique template engine based on the php's perl regular expressions module. It supports the tagging of areas and simple placeholders and the definition of functions (so called handlers) executed on special syntax placeholders. E.g. The multiple language and translated picture feature are implemented that way.

For ease of development and extensability access to the datastores and complex logic is and still gets moved into a backend layer (osedo API). The result expected is a very lightweight and stable frontend and a mighty, yet easily to manage API layer using a standardized interface protocol (XMLRPC) to enable the setup of heterogenous software parts.

link: www.osedo.de - not connected anymore