Die Farce - Geschichte einer Verhaftung [the farce - story of an imprisonment]

category: documentary movie
duration: half a year, Oct 2000 - April 2001
responsibility: sound recording/video editing

affiliates: Alexander Beneke, Thomas Gaevert, Martin Lingnau

characteristics: 30 min, filmed on DVCam, edited on Avid Express/Composer


At the end of 1999, during the internship at the filmproduction "Polizeiruf 110 - Böse Wetter", we met Thomas. As an author and producer of radio plays, he suggested to collaborate on a project that would combine our different abilities.
_SNIP_ one year later ... Thomas came up up with a few ideas. One of them took advantage of a radio feature just produced by him. It was about the writer and former political prisoner of the GDR regime, Elisabeth Graul, who had written a book titled "Die Farce - Geschichte einer Verhaftung" about her work in the resistance, the incarceration in 1951, a lawsuit that was a complete mockery and the years of arrest thereafter. The decision was made.

The film begins on a train going from Magdeburg to Berlin, where she was awaiting the trial in solitary confinement interrupted only by questionings lasting whole nights. She is sitting in a cabin looking through the window and remembers the constant deprivation of sleep to force her cooperation and misinform against fellow members of the resistance. During the ongoing journey, readjusted scenes, contemporary witnesses and documents are completing the story, until she finally arrives and concludes that until today, 50 years later, no-one has confessed or been convicted for the crimes committed. Who should she forgive if nobody is responsible?


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