systems administration
category: software/hardware administration
duration: 6 semesters, April 1998 - Feb 2001
customer: Hochschule Harz, Wernigerode(Germany),
contact:  Prof. Dr. Helmut Eirund,, +49(0)421/5905-3437

characteristics: windows 9x/nt/2k, linux 2.4, samba 2.0, netatalk, proftpd 1.2, apache 1.3, tomcat 4.0
In the beginning there were 10 Win95 boxes to maintain. It resulted in 15 boxes running win2k, a linux box running apache, samba, atalk, lpng etc. and a winNT 4.0 server with some shares acting as domain controller.

Duties ranged from installation and configuration over maintenance to advising students.