National Executive Committee Elections
category:  systems administration/coding

3 weeks, 1.Dec-20.Dec 2002
(ANC 51. National Conference 16.Dec-20.Dec.2002, Stellenbosch)

customer:  African National Congress


hardware setup, software setup, Microsoft Access,
coding, election, counting votes

During the conference two elections conducted by the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa(EISA) took place. One of them, the National Executive Committee Election, consisted of circa 3000 ballot papers containing 60 possible votes and should be counted with handscanners and a MsAccess application from 1994. The decision was unchangeable when I was asked to join the project. Originally developed on MsAccess 2.0 the application needed modifications to run smoothly and reliable, what I did within the 2 weeks left to the conference.

On site in Stellenbosch I had to coordinate the setup of 16 w2kboxes, an ip network, the software packages and handscanners, to train the counters and overview the process of vote counting.