Verdi's Falstaff - poster and booklet design
category: graphic design
duration: approx. 2 months, Jan - Feb 2000
course: typography
contact: Prof. Eberhard Högerle,, +49(0)3943/659-219

characteristics: print media design for an event
The chamber orchestra of Wernigerode wanted to perform Giuseppe Verdi's operetta "Falstaff" and requested assistance from professor högerle on designing a poster and a booklet. He took the task to class and made it objective of the course. The class members had to create two examples designs for the event so that the orchestra could choose one. Unfortunately they didn't get enough money for the event so it got cancelled.

The operetta "Falstaff" from Guiseppe Verdi is adapted from Shakespear's "Merry Wives of Windsor." The main character, Sir John Falstaff, is a broke, old, fat guy who used to be a ladies´ man in his younger days. He is trying to woo two women, Meg and Alice, at the same time. He ends up in a laundry basket and being dumped into the river next to Alice's house.
design 1 - poster, booklet cover, booklet inside design 2 - poster, booklet got lost :(