mir - das fernsehprojekt
category: motion pictures
duration: 3 months, May - July 1998
contact: Prof. Wolfgang Kissel, wolfgang.kissel@medien.uni-weimar.de, + 49(0)3643/58-3606

affiliates: most students of digital media
characteristics: camera operating, video editing, presenting
Everything started on the 07.04.1998 with a video workshop. The enthusiastic and just appointed Professor Wolfgang Kissel took us from holidays to instruction for a first video seminar. Nobody realized at the time what the Avid Composer (just recently installed) was suitable for.

However, with the beginning of the next semester we made it. The city of Wernigerode was arranging the 500th birthday of the town hall. We reported from a number of events in the week and produced a half hour to an hour daily program on two local television channels. We called ourselves the "MIR projekt" which stands for Medieninformatik Rundfunk [Medieninformatik broadcasting]. Surprisingly, at this time the world's attention was focused on another topic (and not the event in Wernigerode).
The space station mir should have been taken off duty and brought back to earth. So we went along and predicted that it would land on the Hochschule Harz campus.

The clips below were made during this time.

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quicktime movie
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mpeg 1 video
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01:26 min
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der neue campus
01:36 min
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mir landet hier
02:08 min
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blut für mir
02:32 min
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04:25 min
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spaceman trailer
00:22 min
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harzer kuhball
02:26 min
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