Development of a payment cartridge for Intershops enfinity

category: software development
duration: 10 weeks, Oct - Dec 2001
customer: eboxx GmbH, Braunschweig(Germany),
contact: Philipp Boos,, +49(0)531/26420-410

characteristics: Java, eCAPI, Windows NT, Intershop Enfinity API, Example Cartridge

enfinity is an e-commerce platform which can be used to build up scalable e-commerce applications. enfinity 1.0 is completely based on the Java programming language. With eCAPI (the enfinity Cartridge API) it is possible to write extensions (called cartridges) for any business process in the engine. Find out more about it at

An online payment method should be implemented in form of a cartridge which could be easily used with any e-commerce application based on enfinity. During the adjustment to enfinity a small "Hello World" cartridge was written. It's hardly undocumented but eventually useful for understanding the functionality of an enfinity cartridge.
download: Hello World cartridge -