K.I.N.G. - Kunst ist negativer Gebrauchswert
category: visual design
duration: 1 week, Jan 2001

affiliates: Alexander Schirge
characteristics: Quicktime VR Studio 1.0 for Mac, digital photography
The title K.I.N.G. is german and an acronym for 'art is a negative value in use'. This is not meant as the message, it is rather a strange idea used to title a weird type of work.

The scene portrays a party with some of our closest friends on campus. Initially, the idea was to celebrate Alexander's birthday and take the necessary shots simultaneously. However, owing to problems of setting up the scenery, the consequential time delay and the interim consumption of alcoholic drinks, it became clear about midnight, that there would be no more shooting that evening.

So we tried it the next day in a clearer frame of mind and assembled a virtual party called K.I.N.G..
view it:
K.I.N.G. K.I.N.G. 1.79 MB
Note that you will need quicktime. Get it at www.quicktime.com.
  You can navigate as follows:
to move - hold primary mouse button/move mouse
to go back back button minus button play button plus button hotspots button show hotspots
  zoom out disabled zoom in