Prüfungsergebnisse Next Generation ;-) [online retrieval of examination marks]
category: software development
duration: 2 semesters, oct.2000 - july 2001
customer: Rechenzentrum Hochschule Harz(computer center), Wernigerode(Germany)
contact:  Friedemann Hass, RZ Hs-Harz
Prof. Dr. Helmut Eirund,, +49(0)421/5905-3437

affiliates: Georges Gebara, Nico Hoffmann, Alexander Schirge
characteristics: OOP, Java Servlet, JDBC, WAP, LDAP
As part of the studies of digital media at Hochschule Harz, in the 6th semester a project has to be completed for a corporate client over a time period of two semesters. The task, in preparation for a larger project, was to develop a database connected information service for the internet with a formatting language independend interface. These criterias fitted to a feature that the local computer center of the university had planned for a while: the wireless retrieval of examination marks for students via WAP.

PeNG is a modularized layered application with a standard API speak, every module/layer may be exchanged or modified as long as the interfaces stay compatible. The architecture is devided in three main categories: Input/Output; Session/Query; Database interface. PeNG can be installed on any Java Servlet 1.1 compatible webserver. Time sensitive procedures are done in forked processes to provide timeouts. Authorization is done via LDAP against a directory server. The settings are configurable per config file.
try it out here: PeNG;-) -> follow the link and you will reach the wap portal of the Hochschule Harz. Click on Prüfungsergebnisse and load the actual application. Assuming you are not a student of HsHarz use the demo account, which can be found at the bottom of the login screen Demozugang.

download: view the header information sent along with a HTTP request, zip archive contains a java class and source extending a servlet -

documentation: available in german only - peng.pdf