Studiengang Medieninformatik [studies of computer science for digital media]

category: education
duration: Oct 1997 - Jan 2004
information: Hochschule Harz, Friedrichstr. 57-59, 38855 Wernigerode(Germany),
contact: Prof. Eberhard Högerle,, +49(0)3943/659-219

characteristics: business, conception, graphic design, coding, video art

After receiving the abitur and doing some odd jobs my parents urged me to do something with my life ;). So I decided, in the Spring 1997, to apply for a course called Medieninformatik at the Hochschule Harz and some other universities.
On a sunny morning in October 1997, I arrived on the campus in Hasserode, which is a district of Wernigerode. I decided to take my time and give it a chance, which I never regretted.

The Hochschule Harz is a university of applied studies and research which makes it different from general universities because the studies (standard period is 8 semesters) are more focussed on practical exercises then on scientific theory. Two semesters at the end of the basic studies and main studies respectively have to be absolved off the campus in companies as internships.

The studies of digital media is developed from the faculty of business. In comparison to a Information Technology faculty, one may concentrate more on applied studies with information technology being used for digital media, graphic design and coding. So if you want to count bits in wires try it somewhere else.
You also get an overview of german and international laws connected to these topics. A lot of projects are completed in teams, which results in chaos, or near perfection, and definitly leads to an education of the person himself or herself, which is rare in other universities.

more information: on studies of comp. science for digital media at HsHarz page (german only)